Riptide of Romance

First loves reunited. $100,000 on the line. Will their sexy second chance ride the wave or wipe out?

Justice Hamilton won't let his late uncle's surf shop close without a fight. With 30 days to come up with 50 grand, winning the top prize at a tandem surfing contest may be his last hope. There's just one catch: it's for married couples only…

Lola Cortes will never forget the day Justice broke her heart and left town on his motorcycle. And when he finally returns to town, what does he do? Propose to marry him so he can win back his surf shop. She only accepts because a victory would help her bring her own dreams to life as well. It also doesn't hurt that her ex is still ripped and gorgeous…

As the training sessions heat up, Justice and Lola fail to keep their arranged marriage strictly business. But if they want a second chance at love, they'll need more than sizzling chemistry. They have to trust each other first…

Riptide of Romance is a sexy standalone in the Pleasure Point series, a set of surfer romance novels. If you like sun-kissed California beaches, wet and wild sex scenes, and colorful characters, then you'll love Jennifer Jones' sultry surfing story.

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Sea of Seduction - A Single Dad Sports Romance
Sea of Seduction - A Single Dad Sports Romance

Sea of Seduction - A Single Dad Sports Romance


Dominick Cortes is determined to start over. After getting kicked off the pro surfing circuit, opening a psychic business may be his best shot at a stable home. After all, it's what his twelve-year-old daughter deserves…

When gorgeous local businesswoman Coco Bennett stops in for a tarot reading, their attraction is otherworldly. Even Dominick's daughter takes notice and decides to play matchmaker. But Coco needs no persuading. She has a bet going that she can bed the hunky surfer before the final tarot cards are drawn on their fifth appointment…

As the sure bet begins to unravel, Dominick and Coco discover that love is as unpredictable as a rushing wave. To make their relationship survive, they'll have to ride out the storm… together.

Sea of Seduction is a sun-drenched surfer romance in the Pleasure Point series. If you like red-hot sex scenes, tumultuous wipeouts, and clairvoyant connections, then you'll love Jennifer Jones' steamy surfing tale.

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Peaks of Passion - Pleasure Point Series Book One


Jax Priest has an all-consuming passion. The Pacific Ocean. His days are spent tucking into gnarly tubes until the sun sinks into the water. Surfing has sculpted his body and streaked his hair blond. Jax is the quintessential surf God.

When carefree Rosalyn moves into town and meets the hunky surfer, her attraction is immediate and visceral. But Rosalyn has a problem. A big one. Jax is her best friend's son.

As the tide rolls in and the massive swells increase, the pull between them is too powerful. Rosalyn takes to the water, and Jax takes to her. Their passionate affair mirrors the thrill of riding the exhilarating surf, but Jax's mother discovers their shocking affair!

Peaks of Passion is the first book of a summer romance trilogy. If you like sexy heroes, sun-soaked kisses, and forbidden love, then this torrid tale by Jennifer Jones is for you.

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Peaks of Passion - Pleasure Point Series Book One
Surge of Lust - Pleasure Point Series Book Two

Surge of Lust - Pleasure Point Series Book Two


Jax Priest's days are spent riding wild, explosive waves, much like his fervent filled nights, driving luscious women to peaks of passionate pleasure.

When wealthy Orange County housewife, Sandy Farnsworth, meets the hunky surf instructor teaching her son, her mouth drools at the thought of a torrid tumble between the sheets.

Jax lives up to Sandy's expectations, and when she shares her libidinous exploits with her friends, Jax suddenly becomes more popular than ice cream on a hot summer day. But he has a problem. He must keep his salacious sideline a secret from his main squeeze.

When an old flame surfaces, he is faced with a life-changing decision. What unexpected secrets does his former love harbor? Can he put aside his free-wheeling life for true love?

Daring athletes and lascivious escapades that burn with the heat of a long hot summer sizzle through the pages of this salacious page-turner. Experience the thrills of extreme surfing and lose yourself in decadent delights. Pick up Surge of Lust today. Logo

Waves of Desire - Pleasure Point Series Book Three


The Big Wave World Tour! For extreme surfer, Jax Priest, it's all about the surge of adrenaline that fires through his body as he drops into the hollow tube of a powerful wave. It's his life.

Challenging the mighty ocean may be thrilling, but there is a void in his soul. When Jax was a teenager, a sultry woman named Rosalyn taught him about love. When she suddenly appears, Jax is flabbergasted. Why is she back? It's been thirteen years!

But their reunion is only one of the dramas facing him. Jax has a wicked sideline--pleasing women for money. It's a secret he's struggling to keep from his main squeeze. Will his decadent double life be exposed?

This blazing book in the Pleasure Point trilogy offers tantalizing twists and tumultuous turns. Like the intense waves, it will pick you up and take you on a wild ride. Don't wait, jump on the surfboard and click your copy today. Logo
Waves of Desire - Pleasure Point Series Book Three
Pleasure Point Series Box Set - The Complete Series

Pleasure Point Series Box Set - The Complete Series

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Grand Theft Auto and Other Misdemeanors:
Mischief, Mishaps and Mayhem in Miami Springs and Hialeah

In this humorous and rollicking account, Jennifer tells what it's like to grow up in Hialeah and Miami Springs. There doesn't seem to be much to do but that's okay because Jennifer knows how to make her own fun. From putting her baby cousin in the oven, to walking the ledge of a dilapidated third world hotel, to stealing her aunt's brand new Camaro when she was twelve, life was never dull. In this collection of stories, you'll find yourself laughing, applauding, shrinking in horror at some of the mishaps and asking yourself one question: Will she survive?

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Grand Theft Auto and Other Misdemeanors