Hi there! Welcome to my stories.

Who am I? Well …

I was born in sunny Hialeah, Florida and got my introduction to storytelling by devouring comic books as a kid. I've worked as a telemarketer, a bathing suit model and even cleaned houses for a paycheck. Somebody told me I needed to grow up, so I finally got serious about making a buck. Since I love spinning a good yarn, I garnered my communication skills and put them to use as a top salesperson in Corporate America.

But I always wanted to write books. One day, I cast aside my business suit, donned a bathing suit and sat down at my keyboard to write sexy surfing stories for your enjoyment. Living in California, the surf's always great and I've been known to gaze out the window while writing, throw my pen down, wax my board and paddle out to the lineup where I've met many of the surfers who've inspired my books.

I have a blast writing stories from Laguna Beach where I live with my husband. I love surfing, hiking, hot yoga and trapeze flying.